Broken Juliet (Starcrossed, #2)


Author: Leisa Rayven

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Publication date: April 28, 2015

Pages: 288 pages

Format: E-book

“For my whole life, I’ve heard people throw around the term heartache but I never truly understood what it meant until now.”

     Cassie learns to accept what happened between her and Ethan. After all the heartaches and a broken heart, she achieved to cope up with herself and change. A change that was not good for her. She acquired to become numb and frozen to all the boys involved with her. Until, it all changes again, Ethan came back with a begging heart to forgive her and promised to change, and this time for the third time.


        The second book, without a doubt has a swoon-effects in me again. It didn’t failed me to become addicted to the characters and the scenes like the first one. And this time, it puts my heart aching again when Ethan broke her heart first and the second time around.


        Leisa Rayven, never failed the readers to have an effects to all of her works. From first until the last page, she managed to make the point of view of the two main characters more suitable. It was hard to write a POV of a girl with the combination of thoughts also of a boy. And successfully, she did it. I come up with all the emotional issues of Ethan and Cassie until they found their ways to solve it together.

      It was hard to resist this story because of swoon and sexiness and undeniably funny conversations, scenes and the mass sobs it brought to me. And of course, the ETHAN-ESSENCE specialty will not leave behind.







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