Red Queen


Author(s): Victoria Aveyard

Pages:383 pages

Format: Paperback


“Rise. Red as the Dawn.”


     A world divided by color of the blood. Mare Barrow’s blood was RED, the color of the slaves and powerless. And SILVER, people with power and strength, the dominant for all the Red people. Mare Barrow’s life will be change as she awaits her time to her conscription with her friend. Until, all of a sudden it changes everything that she didn’t expect at all. Barrow’s life became more complicated and torn between a decision that will change or ruin her life.

   From the start, I’ve enjoyed reading the first chapters of the book. I literally can’t put it down. But, as I go through the middle until the last few chapters, it became a slow paced story for me, there were parts that I hope it was not there and it became a reason to delay the plot of the story. I was eager to know the exciting part which unfortunately were at the last three chapters of the book. But, the twists were undeniably unpredictable, and indeed it was amazing.

  Honestly, I’m beginning to become fond of the love triangle in a story. I think, it became a part of many hard decisions of the main character. Speaking of the characters, Mare Barrow’s character was literally amazing! A noble daughter to a badass woman with a great power among the Silvers were trully fantastic! But, I know you will agree to me, it was such a cliff hanger! And I hope, the sequel will be more fantastic and awesome!

    A debut fantasy book by Victoria Aveyard was a successful book indeed. It was such a good story, the characters and the concept matches and combined in a good book.



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