Loving Mr. Daniels


Author: Brittainy C. Cherry

“Forever always scared me because it never came. I lost all sense of fear when she whispered her name. The world spins faster, yet she slows downtime, I don’t know how, but I need her to always be mine. I lost her due to mistaken roads. I lost her due to secrets untold. I lost her, and in turn, I lost myself. So someone please help me on this quest to find… Finding, finding, finding my Juliet.”~Romeo’s quest


Until now, I don’t know how I will review this book because I’m still in a sobbing mess after I’ve read this.

Two different persons with similar broken hearts. Ashlyn Jennings, after her twin sister died because of sickness and brought her to his biological father with his new family, it was hard for her to move on and to find a cure to heal her broken heart. While Daniel Daniels, a band vocalist of Romeo’s quest left alone with his parents house because his parents died and his brother was in a jail because of using illegal drugs. Nothing was left to him, and only a shattered life and heart. Until, the two broken and lost pieces of the puzzle met and they suddenly became as one and complete.

I really, really loved this story from the beginning until the end. It didn’t failed to make my heart ache and smile at the same time. I can’t stop to have an ugly sobs and every page of this book had a beautiful lines that will stuck in your heart. Until now I don’t know how I can recover, how I can move on because of this beautiful piece of work.


Two broken persons found each other not only to heal their broken hearts but to make some new memories together. A forbidden love at first, but love will do everything, anything to bind each other forever.


Brittainy Cherry writes a spectacular book and I truly, undeniably really loved this. Loving Mr. Daniels will be in my heart forever. If you want a spectacular story, you will need to read this. But be ready for the ugly sobs it will give to you.




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