Author interview: Ms. Anya Valentino


Hello everyone! Thank you for checking my blog post! I would like to share this wonderful opportunity, my interview with Ms. Anya Valentino. Author of the Misunderstood: Secrets of a Teen Queen.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading this! 🙂

  1. What is/are your inspirations for writing Misunderstood: Secrets of a Teen Queen?

You always read books or watch movies where the shy underdog of a girl, who becomes popular and all of a sudden gets the guy – and for some reason the popular girl is often the “mean girl”.

I thought it would be fun to turn things around and write a book from the most popular girl’s point of view, how she feels lonely at times too, and has struggles in life just like everyone else. In my mind, the world is not just black and white! 😉

  1. How did you come up to the storyline that the main character was the famous, rich and beautiful, all in all the perfect one? Was that difficult or was it easy that the character was so perfect in the mind of the readers?

I love irony and putting life into an ironic standpoint, so I wanted to give the reader an insight into someone allegedly to be perfect’s life having the reader experience being popular and living in Bel Air, go to all those luxurious upscale events and travel exciting places in the world to make up their own mind if that really leads to true happiness.

Also, I am a Danish-American currently living in Copenhagen but traveling to LA on and off, so it was only natural to me that my first book’s storyline unfolded there. Of course not having grown up in the States or in the higher society of LA challenged me a bit, and I had to use my American network of friends in that part of my book research.

  1. Why Enya was like a nice girl then became a b****? I was so curious! 😛

It is funny that you see it that way – interesting really, however, I can reveal that it has nothing to do with personality change! It’s a question of how far a person can be pushed by certain occurrences, desperation or feeling pressure from other people’s expectations, and not be affected by it.

As a Teen Queen and a social leader, Enya Utzon has a lot of weight on her shoulders and when hurt by James or pressured by “R” she turns to, what is expected of her, being a Queen. It’s a defense mechanism to socially survive and not show how hurt she really is. The people in her life expect her to be and act this way and they don’t question it or look behind her “Queen shield” as she calls it herself in the book too.

Also, I thought it would be interesting and a bit ironic if the main character and “I person” of the novel wasn’t the typical relatable person that the reader would be able to completely identify with. In some situations the reader might even think, “Oh. She’s really a B****!”

  1. I was really intrigued for the second book? Do you mind sharing a little about it? 😉

I’m really glad that you feel excited about the upcoming sequel to ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’.

The idea behind the book-series ‘Misunderstood’ is not to create a sole story about Enya Utzon. Rather, it is to provide the reader with a doorway to another reality of living in a big white mansion in LA with all the luxuries that comes with that, sipping Cosmos, wearing designer clothes, traveling, being a Fashionista, social leader and a society girl.

The sequel to ‘Misunderstood – Secrets of a Teen Queen’ will reveal more about Enya Utzon’s past, secrets, insight into her privileged and luxurious lifestyle in LA, search for what true love is and her future as an A-list movie star and how she handles the increasing pressure of other people’s expectations.

  1. I was so fascinated because you published your own book! That was amazing! What are the advantages of being your own publisher of your own book?

I love the freedom and challenge of being an independent author and publisher doing everything myself just the way I want it!

That being said, it requires the ability to “kill your darlings”, use your social network, get insight into the online book industry, understand your readers and remember to hire the right people for things like editing, cover design, ePub/mobi-conversions, marketing, PR etc. if you are serious about your book and your writing.

  1. Can you give me and your fans out there some tips to write their dream book like yours?

My advice for other aspiring writers would be to just start writing something. Anything! Eventually, you will get there. Just trust your intuition and take it one step at the time!

  1. Lastly, any message for all the supporters of Misunderstood: Secrets of a Teen Queen?

Watch out! You haven’t seen the last of Enya Utzon! 😉

 Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity Ms. Anya! I hope your success in your book! 🙂

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(Let’s support the Indie authors!)

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