Amihan and the Quest for the Golden Tree

Author: Herbel Santiago
e-book, 119 pages
Published by: Herbel Santiago (first published August 10, 2015)

When Amihan learned about the Golden Tree, a magical tree that sprang from the buried egg of the Ibong Adarna and had the power to grant riches, she couldn’t forget about it. The possibility of its existence tantalized her and her best friend, Ate Rachel.

But Amihan had promised her Nanay that she will not get into trouble again.

When her Kuya Habagat got confined in the hospital fighting for his life, the little girl had to take matters into her own hands. And so they decided to embark on a dangerous quest of finding the elusive Golden Tree.

Yet, the forest was a dangerous place, especially to two lost little kids. Would they be successful?




In kindness lies the golden tree.

Fairytales, one of the reasons when we as a child hoped for something we don’t have. Amihan, the little nine year old girl dreaming of searching and finding the golden tree who was once told by their teacher. She hoped that someday this will be an answer to all their problems in life.

I was really absorbed and amazed how the story and the life of Amihan went on. Set in a Filipino culture, using a ‘po’ and ‘opo’ wasn’t lost in this story. The story really gives a lot of moral lessons, even an adult can comprehend what it is. Because in this generation, little by little the kindness we have, almost dropping. Amihan, who was brave enough to show her kindness to everyone was a very good deed. How I wish in the next generation we will be able to continue this kind of act.

This review will be a short one, I just want to emphasized the really lesson in this book, in every kindness we will show, there was a God who will pay all the deeds we did. 5/5 stars is my rating.

5 Stars

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