Author interview: Pepper Winters


Hello! It is my privileged to interview the NYT and USA Today International Best seller author of Tear of Tess, Ruin and Rule and the Debt Inheritance series. I am also a fan of her works and her writing was extremely intriguing. I am so happy that she allowed me to interview her and to know more about her. So, I will not making it any longer, Let’s start. 😉


Hi Ms. Pepper Winters! Thank you for this opportunity to interview you. OMG! A NYT and USA Today International Bestseller grant my request! Thank you, thank you. 😉

Here are my questions Ms. Winters and I hope you will enjoy answering my questions.

  1. What is/are your inspirations for writing dark and taboo stories? Well, it was mind blowing! But I really liked it.

I wish I had something interesting to say to this but no inspiration. I just write what I like and I love getting into people’s head spaces with difficult situations.

  1. Is it a challenge for you that the main character you write must be tortured and giving him/her some “dark” challenges?

No, I focus on how they would react so it comes easily when in their headspace.

  1. What is/are your feelings when you write the story and the characters? I was so curious! 😀

I feel what the characters feel. I live their trials and react how they would react. It’s like becoming someone else while writing.

  1. Writing dark and taboo stories really blown up the minds of the readers who had read your books, why did you choose writing this kind of genre? Is there a reasons for this?

No, again, just something I greatly enjoy. However, I’ll be writing a few non-dark romance in 2016.

  1. What is/are your favourite from all the books you’ve write? Why?

Probably Quintessentially Q because of the topics and hardship and Third Debt because of what Jethro and Nila went through.

  1. Can you tell me about yourself Ms. Winters?

I’m really very boring. I write about 10 hours a day, my husband keeps me alive with food and snacks, and I have a house bunny who keeps me company while I’m on my laptop.

  1. And lastly, any message for all your supporters and fans?

A MASSIVE thank you for reading and being so supportive!! I couldn’t do this without them and it truly blows my mind that they enjoy my work. xx

Thank you again for answering these questions Ms. Winters! Hope you’d enjoy answering this. 😉


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The most anticipated book and the final instalment of DEBT INHERITANCE…



The Last Book in the New York Times Best-selling Dark Romance Series. Where love tries to triumph and darkness continues to reign….

“I’m in love with her, but it might not be enough to stop her from becoming the latest victim of the Debt Inheritance. I know who I am now. I know what I must do. We will be together—I just hope it’s on Earth rather than in heaven.”

It all comes down to this.
Love versus life. Debts versus death.Who will win?




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