February book haul

This month of February 2016, I never expected myself to bought so many books (ehem!) Before, I just want to buy two to three books per month; because I want to limit myself hoarding too much because my TBR (to-be-read) books are unstoppable. 😛 But, this month of February was an exception to buy two to three books, and guess what how many books I have bought? It’s six! Ugh! 😀 Okay, these are the books that I gathered this month and where I found them. 🙂IMG_20151126_223635


  • Throne of Glass: This was the first book that I bought this month of February. I’ve been eyeing this book since last year because of the hype and premise of the series. I never intended to buy this so soon because I want to prioritize first my pending tbr books that are stuck in my shelf. And then suddenly, the National Bookstore (our local bookstore here in the Philippines) announced later of January 2016 that Sarah J. Maas will go to the Philippines for a book signing event! I can’t even..
  • A court of thorns and roses: This was the second book that I bought from National Bookstore. Actually the TOG and this book was bought together. Hehehe. 😛 You knew already what was the reason behind the sudden buying attack. 🙂
  • Mr. Mercedes: This book was written by the famous author Stephen King. I never given a chance to read his works until our local bookstore (National Bookstore.. ehem, promotion! ehem! Hehehe) gave a great deals on selected books including the precious Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. I bought it just 2 $ or 99 pesos in our local currency. Great deal right? Plus, it was hardbound, so yeah for that! 🙂
  • Glass Sword: Ohh. I think I need to explain to everyone why I need to buy this book. First, I’ve been waiting this book long time ago since Red Queen gave such a cliffhanger! That sucks. Ugh. Second, I really want it. Third, I need it. 😛 and lastly, VICTORIA AVEYARD will be in the Philippines this coming March 6, 2016! That’s insane right!? Yeah, I’m insane already. 😀
  • The light between oceans: I found this beautiful book in some thrift book shop, namely Book Sale. I’ve heard a lot from this book, I think? I read the synopsis of the book and woah! I think it is beautiful. Another book to devour my face and eyes on. 🙂
  • A series of unfortunate events: Hell yeah! I’m so happy I found the first book! 🙂 The series of unfortunate events was indeed my favorite since I watched it’s movie. Me and my sisters were a fan of it. And I was so happy knowing that it was an adaptation from a book! I can’t wait to read this middle grade book! (You felt my excitement? Yeah. )

So, that’s it folks. I hope you enjoyed reading my February book haul and my little excitement since I bought them (Just a little, I think. :))



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