Let’s visit: OG CAFÉ


I want to share some news on what I had discovered; it is a new café near in our place! My sister brought us here while ago after the mass. Well, if you didn’t know, I am big sucker for cafeterias and I love to taste their divine coffees. The name of this café is OG CAFÉ, located at Sta. Maria, Bulacan, Philippines. It is just a few minutes away from our home and it is located near to the church, that’s why every people know about this new established café.

To start my review for this cafeteria, I will commence its setting. Let’s just say when I saw this, I really felt welcome and its environment was so relaxing. Their furniture’s inside were so simple yet so elegant. This café is for everyone no matter what the status of your life.


For the food, I really like their cakes, its sweetness was not too much, to be honest I am not really a fond of cakes and it was really great that I tasted it two to three times. Aside to the pastries, they have also their beverages and shakes; my sister loves its strawberry juice. She always mentioned to me that the juice was really delicious.

While for the coffee; I chose their latte. Well my conclusion for the coffee was good, but not great. I am really a coffee lover, from first sip until to the last, if it didn’t change my perception about it, it will be a part of my coffee book. For the latte of the OG café, it was good at the first sip, but when I am in the middle part of it, I felt there was lack of something. All in all, their foods are okay. Still, we will come back to this establishment and this time, I will try their other coffees!


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4 Stars



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