Book Talk | How I became a reader?

How I became a reader?




  1. A person who reads or who is fond of reading.

Being a reader doesn’t create from seeds and just give them water so they will grow. Being a reader is not a job you will pay for. Being a reader is not as easy as counting 1-2-3. A reader is – a person who is enjoying the book he reads, learns from it and live with it.

I become a reader not just overnight, and I do not become a reader because I want to join the bandwagon who bought new releases books, collects and then not read it. That’s not what I am. This is what I am – and I will tell you a short story of HOW I BECAME A READER.

When I was a child, my grandmother used to buy me books with just a few pages in it. I always tell her to buy me children’s books and sometimes a dictionary in it. And I’m really so happy when I went home with those things. Aside from that, I learned how to read because I used to read advertisements on billboards because my grandmother loves to bring me to her former house; and every time we travel, I always love to seat beside the window on the bus while watching and reading as we pass by. At a young age, I read fast because of that.

During high school, I have really no time in reading as a pleasure or as a passion. I became busy because of school works and the like. But one time, one of my friends Ma. Joanalyn Banocnoc told me about a good story before. And I became interested in the way she elaborates the story that I became curious to know more about it. That’s why I borrow that book from my another friend Mond Cruz. Do you want to know what book that I became first interested with? It’s the TWILIGHT.

I still remember how many times I became addicted to Bella and Edward’s story. As a young age, I am really a hopeless romantic, those scenes in the book made me giggle like an idiot. Can’t you believe that I read the book twice? I repeat, TWICE. And I really took notes of my favorite lines in my notebook.

Sadly, because of schoolwork and we are not that rich to buy books, I haven’t had the courage to continue my passion in reading.

And when I graduated from college and have my first job, that’s my starting point to collect books. From 20 books up until now that I have more than 50 copies, it’s really unbelievable that before I just borrowed books from my friends and now.. wow, I’m just so teary eyed. It’s really an accomplishment for me as a bookworm.

Now, I am now a full-time reader, and I have the time to read without any hindrance of school works. Still, there are times that I haven’t read any book in a week, but it is really understandable. The important is, my heart and my soul have still a passion for reading.

I am really thankful for those people who are there to support my passion, you raised me as a true reader. What am I now if not because of you? You inspired me to continue what makes me happy. You inspired me to show what I really love. Thank you.

I learn so many lessons in life because of reading, I learn that if you really love what you are doing, the money, the time it will never a hindrance if you are really passionate. Sometimes, I think that if I fight for what I really love before, what really makes me happy, I’m sure that I have read so many books until now. Anyway, I am still thankful for what I have now.

To all the readers out there, please do continue to do what really makes you happy. I’m sure that it is really worth it. And I hope that I will inspire you today.



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