Drops of a broken heart

You gave me sunshine for a while, and after you set the rays down, you brought rain that made my heart cracked. I am not aware that it would lead to this, I am not aware that you used rain as your weapon to break my heart. My tears are flowing together with the drops … Continue reading Drops of a broken heart


13 days to go

  "13 days to go" 13 days to go; 13 days before you left How many months I will wait 'Till you come back in my arms again? Endless tears before I will let you go. Why I became so lame to decide this kind of thing? I regretted the word yes when you asked … Continue reading 13 days to go


Self-preservation   Sometimes you just want to stare at the sky for so long. To take rest from all the pressures and heartache’s that life’s throwing at you. You just need silence and yourself. If your body was well rested but your mind and your soul was not; at the end you felt like really … Continue reading Self-preservation